Agriculture Strategic Planning



Farming is a rapidly changing business and the need for planning and mapping out the direction of the business is becoming an essential component of the management function.

If you want a plan with a focus on the essential components to your business and cut through the fluff, then we can help you work through the tough questions, explore the options, and create a map to navigate through.

Your business map/strategy may include the following:

  1. Financial Goals and Targets
  2. Production Goals and Targets
  3. What-if Analysis on new venture or idea
  4. Marketing
  5. Human Resources
  6. Operations
  7. Family Dynamics/Succession
  8. Decision Making and Role Clarity
  9. Estates/Insurance/Risk

As you work through the core issues for your strategy, you will be guided to:

  1. Prioritize – What is most important?
  2. Implementation – How will it get done?
  3. Timeline – When will it happen?
  4. Roles & Responsibilities – Who will be doing what?
  5. Desired Outcome – what does ‘complete’ look like?

We understand farmers and we understand the reluctance to complete a formalized plan.  We have also had the privilege of witnessing the success that comes from a great map/strategy.  It is because of this success that




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