Marketing Your Commodities – Creating a Sales Strategy that Makes you Money

Marketing your commodities should not be left up to chance with the timing based on when your payments are due.  Taking a planned approach to marketing will help mitigate the risk of market fluctuations and cash flow demands.  Farmers can influence an increase their margins by

In your marketing plan we will work with you to:

  • calculate your break-even including covering your debt servicing and wages – you can not sell below your break-even!
  • establish sales targets (net), and minimum pricing
  • outline your cash flow requirements – how much do you have to sell by when and for how much?
  • create an organized system of managing inventory levels, contracts, and loads
  • database your marketing resources – grain buyers, brokers, and trucking companies
  • samples, grain quality, testing and other components to managing and selling your commodities

Much of what we will help you with, you already know, but it is about organizing the data and structuring the activities to make sure that you maximize your profits with effective marketing practices.



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