Planting the Seed

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I wrote this piece months ago while reflecting for an upcoming speaking engagement.  When it came to putting my presentation together, I found this piece, and I knew that I had to read it word for word as I wrote it.  I rarely if ever read to a crowd, but this time I knew that I needed to read this piece – I knew I would not do it justice without reading it just as it was.

This was written for health care providers, but it can be applied to every profession.  How do you serve?  Where are you planing your seeds? When you leave this physical world behind you, what is the essence – your seeds – that you have left behind to continue growing.  If you are a banker, when you give the loan that is needed to fulfill dreams – that is a seed.  Plant it with pride and passion.  If you are a teacher or daycare worker, you are planing seeds in every child you touch.  If you are a peace worker, you plant your seed every time you make the vulnerable feel safe and the scared comforted.  Your essence will live on forever in the hearts of the people you touch.  You can never reveal on the outside – to the world – what you don’t nurture on the inside.  In business there just isn’t anything as sweet as witnessing the essence of someone getting planted into their business that fulfills their dreams and nurtures their soul.  For me, these are the moments that I work for.  May the essence of your soul, and the smile of prosperity spread across your life.  Hmmm… sweet it is!!


The essence of a seed is within the seed, yet we cannot see it or feel it.  When that seed is planted, the essence is hidden, for we cannot even see the seed, there is nothing tangible there other than the knowing that we planted that seed in the ground.  The essence is in the dark, and it needs the sun, even though it cannot feel or see the sun.  But with patience and that little miracle that occurs every time – the seed opens up.  It opens up not because of anything that we do.  It takes the heat of the sun, the nutrients of the earth, and the opening up of the essence that lies within.  When the seed opens up and the sprout appears, we don’t think that it is done, or judge the speed of growth because through experience we know that it is just a sprout.  So we wait, and let it grow.  Then the flower appears, the most beautiful phase of the plant.  It flowers and smells good to attract the necessary pollination process from the bee, another of God’s miracles. 

But we do not pick the flower, rather we feel excitement when we see the flower, and we appreciate it, let it mature, and know that it will be transformed to bear the fruit of the plant.  The part of the plant that within itself – has its essence renewed.  When the fruit is mature, we pick it, and it nourishes us.  It serves us with its nutrition, and many seeds, where the essence for renewal lies once again. 

The plant serves by its final product.  What if we planted the seed and after a few minutes dug in and looked to see what was happening,..and then again in a few hours, and again the next day.  We don’t do that, because we know that it takes time.  It takes time and patience to allow it to grow, BEcome!!!

We leave it be, because we have a sense of certainty from experience that it takes time to grow and we trust it will happen again.  We let the essence come out and grow and mature to be what it is.  The tomato seed will create more tomatos; the potato seed will create more potatos – it will be what it will be.  It can not be anything other than what it is. 

What if I gave you a seed and you did not know what it was?  If you planted it, wouldn’t you just trust and know that it was going to grow into whatever it was meant to be – defined by the essence from within it?  What if you wanted the seed to be a tomato – If you took the seed and planted it, and it was something else,  would you be mad that it wasn’t a tomato? And then say ‘see I never get tomatos!!’.  Of course not – you would never expect a seed to become anything other than what it is – and to BECOME anything different that the essence it holds within. 

As humans, we hold our essence in our souls.  The essence is what is within us and from the outside looking at us, we don’t really know what it is.  It is that little miracle of ‘BEING’ inside of us that is our true essence.  So what is the fruit that is hidden within our essence?  It is in everyone.  It is not your children – for those are the seeds of your fruit.  But what is your fruit?  What is your service?  What are you meant to become?  And it is not the flower – pretty and nice smelling and beautiful, and all on the outside of you.  If we focus on that it is premature, and superficial, and if we think that this is our essence, we miss out on the fruit that serves and provides seeds to serve forever. 

Your essence when planted in an environment of nutritious soil is able to grow and thrive, but given the most perfect conditions, that seed is not resilient.  Farmers know this to be true, and in the spring when the crop is coming up, it is important to have moisture, but farmers always like there to be a bit of distress to the plant so that the roots go deeper and make the plant more resilient and drought resistant.  Perfect conditions leave the plant vulnerable and weak.  We all thrive when we are put under pressure.  We all need that stress to make our roots grow deep and give us the resiliency that we need to grow – and provide the service of our essence to the greatest degree. 

Now look at you.  Where is your essence?  Where is it?  Just like the seed, I can’t tell by looking at you what you have on the inside, what your potential for service is.  You might be living big, with money and nice clothes and a fancy home, but have you left enough energy,..fruit producing energy – to serve and honor your essence?  Or have you placed all of your energy in the exterior leaving nothing remaining to grow more fruit?

Do you know what kind of seed you are?  Are you a sunflower, reaching for the sun and always looking for the brightness, and producing seeds that give protein and nutrition to many birds, animals, and beings.  Are you a dandelion, with deep roots, filled with nutrition, and resilient as hell, or are you a thistle – prickly to touch, but with deep roots and filled with milk that heals.  Are you a tomato, ready to create sweet fruit, or have ignored your essence and spend your time nurturing stinkweed that people are trying to get rid of?  When I look at you, I don’t know what seeds are planted on the inside – all I can see is what you have nurtured and is showing up on the outside because we can never reflect on the outside what has not been nurtured from the inside. 

As medical professionals, the essence and service you provide others is planting your seed of health and wellness.  Does your seed grow in every patient?  Of course not.  They don’t have the environment for growth.  They are not ready for your service – for your essence – to resonate within them.  But each day you will plant your seeds of wellness because you will never know which patients have the ability to grow and which ones don’t. 





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