As a management accountant and certified coach, I bring my expertise to the table to help solve problems, get clarity, and reduce your stress & overwhelm.

I work with clients to bring together every aspect of the business to create a story (historical), establish position (current), and get clarity on strategy (future).  I help empower business owners to connect the dots from where they are to where they want to be.

My role is not to come up with some elaborate and complicated plan.  My role is to use my expertise to facilitate and manage the discovery process by using the information available and doing the right research to come up with a plan/strategy that works for you, my client.

I take the time to ensure that my clients feel relief (from the mental reeling), clarity, and less stress about the challenge(s) they are facing.  I am invested in helping clients find solutions that don’t just look good on paper (for income tax or structure purposes), to to find solutions that really make sense and feel good for everyone involved.  I see some consultants over-complicate things, talk over clients head with jargon, and try to push an agenda that doesn’t fit the business.  That is so not my style, I use a very down to earth and practical approach that is completely aligned with what works for my client.

At the end of the day it’s important for clients to feel confident about the decisions they have made, the direction they are headed, and the  be empowered, supported, and unencumbered to do what they need to in order to experience their definition of success.  It is my job to help them achieve that.


Services Provided

Succession Planning

The transition (succession) of a business can be complex, and it’s not usually about the big things (although they are important).  It is about the small things that are usually the deal breakers and the barriers to success.  Succession planning is a tapestry of the new with the old, the excitement of trying something new with the wisdom gathered over the years.

Succession planning is something that I love doing with & for clients.  It is challenging, and maybe that is why I love it so much.  When I see the eyes of my exiting business owners light up with pride and confidence, and then I get to see the excitement and enthusiasm in the new business owner – I know that they will all be just fine.

Strategic Planning

I have recently changed how I do strategic planning.  I used to do long reports with tons of research and a ‘comprehensive’ plan that was way more complex than it needed to be.

I have created a new strategic planning system that is about keeping it simple – anchored by core values/mission/vision – and led by purpose, passion, and focus.  It’s about creating a living and breathing plan that is mobilized immediately.  It is about creating a map so the client knows exactly where they are headed.  It is about empowering the leader/owner to have everything he/she needs to made decisions that are based on the whole.  Most importantly it is a plan that takes into account the human tenancy to resist change, and do it anyway.

Business Plans & Feasibility

Facilitating the process as clients sort out every aspect of the business idea, assess risks, and put all of the pieces together.

Cost Accounting

Leading clients through the process to determine what actions are driving what income streams and expenditures so they have an accurate assessment of what is driving force behind their financial statements.

Financial Analysis

I help clients put a story to their financial statements and sort out what their numbers trying to tell them.  Using the findings to gain clarity and use it as a tool to solve their financial/operational/management challenges.

Marketing & Communication Strategies

I coach  & lead clients through a series of exercises to get clarity on who exactly is their ideal customer, what motivates them to take action (and buy), and what message resonates with them.

Human Resources

The greatest asset a company has is it’s people.  I work with clients to help them understand what makes their teams/people tick,..what motivates them, and what they need to feel valued.  In business/organizations ‘you get what you measure’, and I work with clients to help them sort through those not-so-obvious answers to get alignment between companies, their employees, and their customers.

Capitalization of Projects

Accessing financial capital can be challenging.  I work with clients to help them pitch to creditors, investors, and potential partners to get their attention and funding.  Together we find creative solutions to transform the project that is on paper into reality.


Areas of Expertise

I have always said, business is business, and I used to resist the idea of picking an ‘area of expertise’ because it felt boring (I love to learn & be challenged).  Having said that, being experienced and an expert in an industry helps tremendously – especially in specialized industries.


Agriculture is more than an industry, it has a culture that is deeply rooted in its foundation – the land.  I was raised on a farm, married to a farmer, and live in a farming community.  I have worked with farmers as their banker (commercial lender for 7 years), and now for the past 13 years as a consultant.




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