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  • Feasability


    Is this Feasible? Will it make money?  How? What questions have I missed asking? What will this business look like?

    If you have a business opportunity or idea but don’t know if the idea has …

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  • Business Planning

    Business Planning

    A solid business plan is what you will need to:

    get financing convince investors that your business is worth investing in communicate the business to shareholders/stakeholders understand the business model – especially the financial statement …

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  • Credit Coaching

    Credit Coaching

    Don’t let your credit structure cause you fall flat on your face!!

    Do you have debt and wonder if it structured right?  

    You don’t have to be in a financial crisis before you …

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  • Management & Cost Accounting

    Management & Cost Accounting

    Management & Cost Accounting is where all of the fun is had in the accounting world!

    It is about taking a look at what is happening within the business.  It is about tying together …

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